I.A.F.F. Local 5066

The History Of Local 5066 

On August 14, 2015, Guilford County Professional Fire Fighter Association (GCPFFA) Local 5066 was formed by a group of local firefighters to serve as a democratic voice for Emergency Service Personnel in Guilford County. 


May 25, 2017, Local 5066 members, unanimously voted to open our doors and  to serve as a democratic voice for all full-time, paid employees with  Guilford County Department of Emergency Services,  Contracted Guilford County Rural Fire Protection Districts/Departments, or any Municipality located within Guilford County engaged in firefighting, training, prevention, inspections, investigations , Emergency Medical Services or related fire/ems related service duties. The association then came to be known as the Guilford County Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics, the GCPFFP.


We are a non-profit association of career emergency service professionals who are employed by or retired from, several emergency service organizations within Guilford County. GCFPPP’s primary function is to promote and ensure the health, safety, rights and general welfare of Emergency Service Personnel as well as the citizens we serve.

The GCPFFP is affiliated on the national level with the International Association of Fire Fighters, and locally with the Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics Association of North Carolina.


Our mission: To promote a healthy and safe working environment that encourages harmonious relations between emergency service personnel and the leaders within Guilford County. We foster high professional values, support advanced education and training to increase the proficiency of our members.  We aspire to be engaged in charitable events with in the county allowing us to be good stewards within our community. Our goal is to cultivate friendship and fellowship among our members and ultimately make a safer community for the citizens and visitors of Guilford County.

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about what we are doing, who we are, and who we represent!!! ​

Your support of the GCPFFP is in no way affects the services provided to you by the emergency service professionals, as a citizen of Guilford County, nor does it affect the commitment by the emergency service professionals to support the mission of their organization.


The GCPFFP is a 501c5 non-profit organization. Some contributions are tax deductible while others are not. Check with your tax preparer and the IRS’s web-page concerning 501c5 organizations.

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