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Local 5066's executive board, its committees, and members are working daily to improve working conditions across Guilford County.

Current initiatives


Fleet Reliability and Safety


In August of 2017, Local 5066's Safety Committee began submitting Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIAs) to obtain maintenance records of the emergency services fleet. Substantiating reports from our members, the Safety Committee identified the absence of official department policy dictating criteria for which to place units out of service. 

Working off of industry best practices outlined in NFPA's 1917 Standard and the input of our members, a draft for such criteria was created. In October of 2017, the committee met with the GCES administration and provided this criteria. Subsequently, in November, GCES officials revised the documentation of fleet work orders to forward safety issues to the Shift Commander for immediate action.

The Local continued to work with GCES to perfect and implement the policy, which not only protects the First Responders, but the Citizens and Visitors of Guilford County.It was implemented agency-wide in early December, 2017.

In the coming year, Local 5066 will continue to work with GCES to improve maintenance quality, quantify a retirement criteria for units, and improve fleet uptime.

Patient Compartment: Safety and Efficiency


On a daily basis EMS providers expose themselves to extraordinary risk, without a second thought. They excel at providing lifesaving interventions in the back of an ambulance, speeding down the road. For too long, EMS providers have accepted the risks of standing and working, unrestrained, in the back; it's just a way of life. Local 5066 embraced the ambulance of the future, with the goal of maximizing the tasks a seated and restrained provider can perform. By placing key supplies within reach, maximizing access to the patient, and providing means for equipment securement providers can remain safe without compromising patient care. One solution, Ferno's INTraxx system, was demonstrated at the October membership meeting. Subsequently, the safety committee recommended GCES pilot the system. In units slated for 2018 delivery, GCES adopted Local 5066 recommendations maximizing the compartment design for provider safety and efficiency in patient care.

House Bill 340


House Bill 258


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